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Methods of Paleo Training: Walking

We are defined as a species by walking, as being upright on two legs allowed for our evolution into Homo-Sapiens. Our ancestors were primarily hunter gatherers, following herds of animals around the high-lands and low-lands. This required a slow paced movement as we … [Read More...]

med ball

Methods of Paleo Training: Swinging

Swinging objects is deep rooted in our ancestral history. Our ancestors were smart and they realized using tools to perform specific tasks would help ensure survival and promote well being. During combat situations we would typically swing objects at our opponent to … [Read More...]


Methods of Paleo Training: Climbing

Getting to high ground was a crucial element during our evolution. From the mountain-tops to the tree-tops, we would use this tactic to scout the areas in which we lived. Locating game, watching for invaders and rival clans, holding special ceremonies and connecting … [Read More...]

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