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Paleo Trainer strives to assist and progress clientele towards achieving personal fitness goals and leading a healthy lifestyle. We aspire to build lifelong professional relationships with our clientele with aim to produce results in the most immediate fashion. With a promise toward continuing education, Paleo Trainer will remain on the cutting edge of new fitness techniques and programs. Through constant envelopment in theĀ fitness progression, the most modern and effective fitness tools will be used to improve client strength, endurance, flexibility and physique. By following scientifically drawn protocol, clients will achieve their personal fitness goals as time effective as modern science will allow. With an enhanced self image, clientele will approach the world with a new light and abundant energy to tackle their personal, business and professional well being.






Do you…

-Want to lose weight fast and effectively?

-Want to get a six pack without wasting your time doing crunches?

-Want to decrease low back, knee or other joint pain without medication?

- Want to increase core strength safely and efficiently?

-Want to increase athletic performance in your sport?

-Want to learn about the diet that will take your fitness and health to the next level?

-Want to join a fun and supportive fitness network that will change your life forever?


Paleo Training is here to help modern day people use a paleo lifestyle to achieve fitness, health and image results. I researched everyday lifestyle factors of a paleolithic person to come up with specific training techniques to optimize weight loss and create muscle development. This is brought about through the process of regulating important hormones. In order to achieve your fitness goals we must optimize the way you eat, train, sleep and manage stress. It is also important to take certain supplements that can increase performance, overall health and weight loss.

Come join this new and exciting form of training that will get you results faster than any other “diet” or weight loss program. You will also look, feel, and perform at your best through every business or professional endeavor you take on.

We offer:

Private Training

Small Group Training

The Paleo Run

Paleo Vacations

Paleo Cooking Class

Nutritional Consulting