Private Training


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Private Training brings a focus to each individuals personal fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, increase muscle size or look good in a bathing suit, this style of training will get you results in the fastest time. Sessions will involve corrective exercises to correct any muscle imbalances, postural distortions or any other problems that are found during the comprehensive assessment. We work in four to eight week program periods that optimize your progress and bring your individual goals closer to achievement. By learning your movement characteristics, we strive to help you become pain free in your joints and strong in your core musculature in order to create the most functionally efficient you.

Want to improve your game? Private training with an athletic emphasis allows for workouts that aim to increase power, strength, agility,  and flexibility so you can increase performance in your favorite sport.  Whether you want to hit the ball straighter and farther, jump higher or move pain free, private training will take you to a higher performance level.

Nutritional Consulting: If you choose Private Training you receive Nutritional Consulting with every session. Nutritional Consulting allows you to stick with your commitment to optimizing your health and achieving your fitness goals with a comprehensive analysis of dietary habits. Visit our Nutritional Consulting page for more information.

A Private Training session includes:

Nutritional Consulting

Corrective Flexibility

Core Strengthening

Specific Muscle Activation

Reactive Conditioning

Muscle Strengthening

Contact Eddie @ (310) 227-9261 to schedule your complimentary assessment to determine if Private Training is right for you. Private Training takes place in home or at Easton Gym Co. in Manhattan Beach, CA