Private Training Features

Corrective Flexibility: Discovering your muscular imbalances and postural deviations is very important to increasing your overall strength. Corrective flexibility is how every session begins to ensure optimal range of movement for each individual exercise. This also ensures the reduction of joint pain caused by tight and weak muscles, helping you to feel your best.

Core Strengthening: Having a strong core can lead to increased balance and strength; as well as a diminishing low back pain. The second step in our work out routine is to activate and strengthen the core.

Specific Muscle Activation: Now we get into a more specific focus on the work out planned for the session. Activating specific musculature allows for blood flow to consume the fibers for a more oiled feeling. This also helps to reduce the risk of injury during a resistance training session.

Reactive Conditioning: Using reactive training teaches you how to move from a power stand point. Some examples of reactive conditioning include plyometrics, balance training, or quick stable movements.

Muscle Strengthening: The majority of our session is dedicated to increasing strength. Periodizing your training into 4-8 week programs enables you to continually increase strength without the risk of hitting a plateau. I have thousands of combinations of programs that can cater to your personal fitness goals.

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