When I first met Eddie I was just getting back into physical fitness.  I used the same basic routine from my college days all the way up until I was 30.  It consisted of 3 workouts a week – chest and triceps, back and biceps and shoulders and legs (usually skipped the legs part).  I would also add in a day or two of cardio or other physical activity during the week.  At some point my workouts became less intense and less frequent.  It was probably a combination of age, career and getting married but I just wasn’t as motivated or interested in going to the gym.

When I moved back to Los Angeles in 2010 I decided to break the cycle.  To do so I planned on joining a nice gym and finding a trainer would could give me some new workout ideas and then send me on my way.  What I found in Eddie was someone who was passionate about health.  Although he is a first rate trainer to call him a trainer does not account for all he does.  He quickly had me in a program based on the latest science.  I was embarrassed by how far I had let myself slip physically.  His understanding of psychology and positive outlook turned my embarrassment into motivation and with his encouragement I progressed quickly. After a few sessions I was already feeling better and decided to sign up for 20 more sessions.  We were working out 3 times a week and I was trying to fit in additional activity on my own.  What I expected to be a few weeks working together soon turned into a few months.  We were changing up the routine every 6-8 weeks and each new program had its ow n challenges.  After 2 months we started talking more about nutrition.

At first it was subtle but I could tell Eddie had a real passion for looking at healthy living comprehensively.  He knew for me to step to the next level I needed to start to focus more on what I was feeding myself but never preached to me.  Although I had never “dieted” or been interested in talking about it I read a few of the books he suggested and figured I’d trust him and take a trial run.  I started to look at food as nourishment and to understand the importance of protein, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates in balance.  The results were truly amazing as my sleep improved, workouts were better and body composition changed.  All these things proved to me that Eddie is an elite health and fitness advisor as well as personal trainer.

I am writing this testimonial now not because we reached my end goal but rather because I am moving to Chicago.  In fact my goal all along was to be healthy for a long life not to hit a specific weight or bench press.   Eddie provided me with the understanding of how our bodies consume and process food and the way we can influence that through exercise.  With this knowledge I will be able to continue on for the rest of my life.  For anyone who wants stats – in the first four months we worked out I lost 25 pounds and 10% body fat while improving in every strength and cardio measurement possible.  Pretty good outcome for someone who just wanted to get a couple new workout suggestions.



“If you live in the South Bay, or visit it often, then I highly recommend that you take advantage of Eddie’s training services. His knowledge of health and fitness, along with his creativity to continually motivate, makes Eddie Lester the best trainer I have ever worked with (hands down).

He will help you set and achieve realistic and healthy goals for yourself so that they are sustainable.

You will never get bored with a workout routine with Eddie, which makes training with him fun, motivating and challenging.

So, whether you are looking to complete a triathlon, gain muscle, drop fat, run faster, jump higher or achieve some other goal you have always wanted to realize then Eddie is the guy you want to work out with.”

March 9, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Vinny La Barbera, hired Eddie as a Personal Trainer in 2010, and hired Eddie more than once.




Eddie Lester is a passionate health professional who will get you to your fitness goals with velocity.

I have worked out with Eddie for ten months and he has me doing exercises that I never dreamed I would be able to do. Having been over 200lbs for as long as I can remember, Eddie’s confidence in me has given me confidence to push myself past barriers that previously stopped me.

He is extremely knowledgeable about overall health – physical, mental and spiritual – and creative with exercises that have full body engagement so that you are maximizing the time spent working out.

Eddie also introduced me to the Paleo Lifestyle and it was the best thing I could have ever done. In three weeks, I lost 14 lbs and the majority off my stomach, which increased my health immensely.

If you are looking for a trainer who is committed to you achieving your health goals quickly – Eddie is that person.

Service Category: Personal Trainer

Year first hired: 2010

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Paleo Diet Testimonial


My story before Paleo was that I weighed 215lbs, had bad GERD, was on Lexapro for depression, had high blood pressure meds just to keep me at 135/85 also had some serious IBS issues that I chalked up to spicy foods.

A friend talked to me about Paleo a while ago but never had a drive to give it a try. So I continued eating the way I was which got me to a weight I never believed I would ever see.

So it wasn’t until Christmas Eve I was wrestling with my niece and my mother stated the obvious, “Is that a gut on you?”. I was a little taken back but said yes I guess it is. It was that moment I said I was going to set a day to start this Paleo thing.

I bought Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution book and read it cover to cover and said this really isn’t going to be that bad, because I was already lactose intolerant and was pretty sure I must have had an issue with grains, because I would either get IBS or GERD after eating them. It’s sad that I never even put 2 and 2 together to realize I may have had a gluten issue all these years. I cleared out the fridge and went shopping to get started the next morning.

January 9th, 2011 was the day I started eating 100% paleo. It was a little tough getting up earlier to make breakfast and still have energy to drive 20 minutes to my downtown job. But each day got easier and easier and by the end of the first week I started to feel  a little more energy during the day. My usual 2pm crashes were not happening. Granted, I still drink coffee, but went from cream and sugar to all black. It took some time to get used to black coffee but I actually enjoy it more now, because I can taste the coffee.

Each week I went to my BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jitszu) class and would weigh in just out of curiosity and was shocked to see I dropped 4lbs in one week and this rate continued up to the 4th week, resulting in a 16lb loss in those 4 weeks. In weeks 5-8, I was still losing but it was a pound or two at most, but hey, I was still losing.

My actual goal was to get down to 190lbs as that was my normal weight for years and I felt decent at that weight. I hit that goal after 10weeks so I said lets see if I get to 185lbs?  Then I will start adding more carbs (good ones) as I was probably only eating 50-70 grams a day but still felt great. No more GERD, IBS, and my blood pressure was getting better (still on meds) but the numbers were slowly going down.

Now it was time to try to get rid of Lexapro because I honestly HATE taking meds unless it’s absolutely necessary. But from the horror stories I read online about the withdrawal effects I was nervous but determined.

At this point my mother had to chime in to tell me I was too thin now. I just laughed and said I am fine. According to the bullshit BMI chart I was still over weight, but I never go by that and at least it was a good enough answer for her to hear.

Around week 16, I surpassed the 185lb mark and was shocked to be around 183lbs. I was still ecstatic because the lightest I have ever been since I was 21 years old was 185lb. This was the week of my annual doctors appointment and she was shocked to see I lost over 30lbs since my last visit 6 months ago and my blood pressure was 120/70. She never asked what I did.  She just said whatever you’re doing is working because my blood work was great. She was also glad to hear I was able to kick the Lexapro to the curb. Since my BP was good I asked her if I can start working on getting off of the BP medication? Sshe said absolutely, so I am currently working on taking smaller doses and keeping track to make sure I stay in range.

It’s been just over 18 weeks and I am happy to say I now weigh in at 180lbs. I still have not increased my carbs yet, but may need to start doing this soon once I get back into my 3 days a week of BJJ as it can be a very draining, demanding sport and I believe my body will be looking for another source of energy.

My journey continues on Paleo, all my IBS, GERD issues are completely gone ever since I started paleo. I sleep like a champ, eat like a pig, feel great. I love when people notice the difference and ask what I did.  Most people say “forget that” I need my pasta, milk, cheese etc. I just say that’s your choice as this was mine and I am #winning :) .